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How To Manage Your Leave-Out

The tricky thing about leaving hair out with extensions is wanting to make sure your natural hair “matches” the texture of your  extensions. Luckily, there are several ways around straightening or curling your hair on a daily basis.Because, the last thing you want to do is damage the section of hair you’ve chosen to leave-out. We want to help you think smarter, not harder, when it comes to protecting your natural hair and leave-out while rocking your hair extensions.

1. Leave out as little as possible

You only need enough leave out to cover your tracks. If you leave too much out, you risk causing damage to a larger section of your natural hair. Keep it minimal.

2. Accessorize your edges

There are plenty of cute head wraps, turbans and headbands to choose from these days. Accessorizing your edges and leave-out means getting a “free day” from styling your hair. It’s a quick way to keep your look stylish with minimal effort.

3. Braid or Twist Your Leave-Out

Braids and twists are both cute and stylish low-manipulation ways to care for your leave-out. This method is especially effective if you’re wearing a more wavy textured bundle of extensions. This is also an easy way to cheat the rain, heat or humidity from frizzing up your leave-out.

4. Wear a hat

You can never go wrong with throwing on a hat on the days you need to get up and go on a whim, or maybe even when you just refuse to do anything to your hair.

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