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Lace frontals and closure units both serve as an essential for a seamless sew-in installation. With a closure or frontal, you no longer have to worry about leave-out or blending your natural hair with your hair extensions.


A lace frontal is much bigger in size than a closure because its purpose is to cover the entire hairline. Frontals typically stretch from ear-to-ear, and go from the temple to right along the hairline, to create a flawless and extremely versatile installation. As you can probably tell, frontals are great for protecting your edges and giving them a break from being exposed. Frontal units also allow you to try various hair textures and hair colors since these units completely cover your natural hair. If you like wearing your hair pulled back, exposing your full hairline, a frontal unit is definitely for you!

A lace closure only covers a minimal portion of the front of your install and is most commonly sold in the size and shape of a horseshoe, or about 2x2 inches. Because this unit is so small, it leaves you unable to pull the sides of your hair back without exposing your tracks – and nobody wants or needs their tracks showing! A closure unit will best suit you if you’re simply looking to recreate a natural-looking part or scalp without actually exposing your natural scalp. A closure is pretty much the minimalist way to close off your install all while giving your leave-out a much-needed break! You can choose a free part, middle part, or three-part closure if you’d like a little more versatility, and these units can be taped, glued or sewn! 

If you’re still undecided on which unit is best for you, watch a few YouTube installation and styling videos on each one. At the end of the day, both options will help you achieve the natural, seamless installation you’re aiming for; it's all a matter of personal preference. 

Let us know which unit you prefer in the comments, and if any of these features are a deal-breaker!

Written By:

Destiny Darby

IG/Twitter: @_iamyourdestiny