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Myths About Hair Extensions

1. Hair extensions are hard to maintain

Extensions can be a high maintenance investment, but the secret to maintaining your hair extensions is to treat them the same way you’d treat and care for your natural hair. As long as you’re routinely washing, conditioning and properly detangling, you will get plenty of life out of your extensions.

2. Hair extensions stunt your hair growth

Hair extensions do NOT stop your natural hair from growing. In fact, most people wear extensions as a protective style (to promote hair growth while minimizing manipulation). As long as you have your extensions properly installed, maintained between installs and properly de-installed, your natural hair will thrive.

3. Hair extensions don’t blend well

Depending on the texture of extensions you choose, this could be both a myth and a truth. Extensions will blend with your natural hair just fine as long as you take some time to match up both textures. Don’t purchase a texture you can’t pull off.

4. Hair extensions lack style versatility

Hair extensions give you tons of room to step outside of your “hair” comfort zone and try something new. Extensions should essentially be worn as if you’re wearing your natural hair and should never limit you to one style. Plus, there are tons of different sew-in methods to give you the hair freedom you desire.

5. Hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair

Hair extensions will never damage your natural hair unless it was damaged prior to your install or neglected while the extensions were being worn.


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