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Protecting Your Hair During the Winter

Cold weather often brings about dryness, whether it’s dry skin or dry strands. We want to ensure you have one less thing to worry about as you brave the cold this winter. Enjoy these three tips below.

1. Deep Condition

Although you should continue to condition your hair like normal, regular conditioners don’t moisturize as well as deep conditioners. Make it a priority to use a deep conditioning mask at least once a week. For wigs and extensions, once you’re done shampooing and conditioning, apply your mask and leave it on overnight to maximize the amount of moisture you lock in.

Deep conditioning not only prevents frizziness, dryness, and strand breakage––it also revives the softness, thickness and natural texture of extensions exposed to dry air. 

Never let your hair extensions air dry in the winter winds as it easily dries them out and strips them of their nutrients. 

2. Use Protective Styles

Protective styles help your hair retain more moisture. Pay attention to your tresses and refresh or change your style every week or two to ensure your hair stays moisturized despite being exposed to the harsh winter winds.

3. Use caution with knitted hats and scarves

The knitted material will often snag natural curls and cause breakage. Try using a thin silk cap as a barrier between your hair and the hat. If you love scarves, apply this same technique to the outside of your scarf to avoid excessive frizziness.

Let us know what your favorite winter protective styles and methods are!

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