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Types of Sew-Ins

Sew-in hairstyles can easily be one of the most diverse options to exist in the hair extension and protective styling community. So, let’s dive into the most popular types of sew-ins and discuss what option might be best for you!

Full Sew-In

A full sew-in requires all of your natural hair to be braided down completely. With this style, wefts are sewn across the scalp from ear to ear, and a closure is then sewn along the hairline to protect your edges. Because this style covers your entire scalp, it is often used as a protective style. 

Partial and Half Sew-Ins

A partial sew-in covers part of an individual's head whereas a full sew-in covers the entire head. With a half sew-in, wefts are installed along the back and sides of the scalp leaving the remainder of your natural hair out. However, with a partial sew-in, the hair at the crown of the scalp is left out and styled to blend in with the hair extensions. If you choose to rock a half sew-in, it’s best to ensure the extension style you choose is compatible with your hair texture for seamless blending.

Vixen Sew-In

A vixen sew-in is a method that allows for maximum versatility. With this option, instead of braiding your hair straight-back or into a beehive pattern, your hair is parted into four sections. Each section is braided into a beehive, leaving some hair out in each section and in between parts to create the versatility we love.

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