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How long will my extensions last? Will I be able to reuse them?

  • Extensions will last 2 years plus, with proper care.

What are the differences between the available textures of hair to choose from?

  • The different textures depend on the curl pattern you want. Ex: Straight, curly or a wave. I recommend having natural curly hair. Also, it requires high maintenance.

How many bundles will I need to accomplish a full "sew-in"?

  • A full "sew-in" depends on your head size and how full you want your install to be.

Can I dye my extensions?

  • Our extensions are 100% virgin hair which means it can be professionally colored.

Can I straighten/curl my extensions? If so, will they return to their natural curl pattern?

  • Yes you sure can! Because it is 100% virgin, the hair will always return back to its natural state after each wash/co wash.